Hi everyone ! Hope everyone is fit and well ? I know the Tremeloes said " Silence Is Golden" but this is ridiculous. Times are very difficult for musicians at the moment along with many other trades and professions. For example you may have seen Gordon Carters great campaign re litter picking in Torpoint ? well the truth is he was looking for cigarette ends and I have been informed Gav Martin has been raiding soup kitchens , Dusty Miller has been burning his drum sticks to keep a fire going to boil a " kettle" ( no comments please) ! Seriously , we cannot wait to get back to playing. The majority of our gigs have been cancelled with just a few still in the book for the end of the year but we wait and see. The boys tell me they have been religiously practicing hard but half the lies they tell arn't true ! stay safe and huge thank you for your interest and ongoing support.

Playing to packed-out theatre audiences, The Dave Hankin Big Band has risen to become the South West's premier Jazz Orchestra. Featuring high-quality musicianship, and performing a diverse repertoire from Glenn Miller to Maynard Ferguson - all of Dave's very own arrangements - including themed concerts celebrating the Magic of the Movies, Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. The Dave Hankin Big Band is a feast for music lovers.

Press Accolades:

"Jaw-droppingly good"

"Without any exaggeration The Dave Hankin Big Band is by far the finest large-scale jazz unit that we have ever had in Plymouth"

"Superb instrumentation and orchestration.. ..the blending of the reeds and brass was exceptional"

"I really felt The Dave Hankin Big Band could not be bettered"

What the venues are saying:

"A fine ensemble of musicians and a fine set of Music arranged and directed by their enigmatic maestro Dave Hankin. Their concerts have been extremely well received by all of our capacity audiences whenever they have played at the Flavel Centre in Dartmouth. A guaranteed unforgettable evening of entertainment, and I mean entertainment, from fine soloists to some beautiful ensemble performances, this band swings in the best conceivable way! Impossible not to tap your foot or whistle a tune on the way home after! The best imaginable ‘ear worm’ you could be plagued with!"
Sid Davis
General Manager ‘The Flavel Centre’ Dartmouth.